Block Board

boiling water proof (BWP)

Block Board (IS : 1659)

Neelgiri Wood Crafts Block Board is manufactured in accordance to IS: 1659. Our Block Board is generally available in 18mm and 19mm thickness and in other specific client requirements such as 16mm and 25mm depending upon quantities, Block Board is a boiling water proof board made from carefully selected and well-seasoned battens of wood with cross-bands and face veneers on both sides are all bonded with BWP Type Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin. Unlike other ordinary Block Boards, Our Block Board is subjected to preservative treatment of protection from borer and other wood destroying organisms. The main advantage of our product is the phenomenon of “Powder Falling” normally observed with most ordinary block Boards will NOT be found in the case of NWC Block Boards.

Block Board Features


The Block Board is manufactured by pre-press technology to make the Block Board anti-warp super bonded.

Outstanding Screw Holding Capacity

The Block Board has excellent screw holding capacity by using matured and selected timber.

Super Bonded

BWP grade Block Board is bonded by undiluted PF Resin and MR grade Block Board is bonded by MUF Resin and pressed under high pressure at controlled temperature to make the board super bonded.


NWC products are durable for longer life.

Protected From Borer

Our Block Boards are chemically treated by VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) technology to make it Bored protected.

Super Smooth Surface

Thick face veneer, uniform thickness and uniform seasoned block board are used to make super smooth surface.


This type of product is ideal for application in cupboards, shelves, shutters, partitions and load bearing horizontal panel application.

Size (In feet)

Thickness (In mm)

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