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Flush Door IS: 2202

NWC Flush Doors are boiling water proof and can be mounted easily with minimum efforts to beautify your home. Our doors are manufactured under strict quality controlled systems that are known to fully comply with ISI Specifications. Its wide frames are made of selected hardwood that gives a super strong structure that lasts for years and years to come. The wilder frames are sandwiched between PF Glued veneers which are pressed under high pressure at controlled temperature. Battens are tightly filled in frames to make a very sturdy and perfect Flush Door.

Flush Door Features

100% Boiling Water Proof

Our doors are bonded with in house manufactured undiluted and un extended rich Phenol
Fomrladehyde. This sustains doors under most severe climatic conditions.

Warp Free and Dimensionally Stable

The doors are pre-pressed in cold press machine before hot press and then given a special treatment after coming out from hot press to relieve external stress to make NWC Flush Door dimensionally stable and warp free.

Free from Corrugation and Unevenness

The doors are calibrated in calibration machine which results into free from corrugation,
unevenness surface and uniform thickness.

High Screw Holding Capacity and Super Strong

Doors are manufactured with single selected species of matured hardwood for frames,
battens and cross bands to make it super strong and higher screw holding capacity.


Flush Doors can ideally be used for both Internal and External purposes. Availability as per clients need.

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