Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering Plywood

Film Face Shuttering Plywood [IS: 4990: 2011]

NWC film faced shuttering plywood is manufactured with high density timber in ultra modern hot presses. Manufactured with CPGL technology, it offers extra strength and better bonding when compared to similar products in the market. The panels are most suitable for RCC construction sites. NWC film face shuttering ply is most suitable for the maximum repetitions that saves up to 45 percent of the cost. Its Smooth High Gloss Film with high GSM gives a mirror finish on both

Shuttering Plywood Features

Value for Money

It saves up to 45% of cost compared to other similar products due to more repetition
during shuttering work.


After using it as shuttering plywood for many times, it can be re-used for paneling, roofing,
flooring, partitions etc.

100% BWP

Shuttering ply is bonded with in house manufactured undiluted & unexpended rich Phenol
Formaldehyde confirming to make the ply 100% boiling water proof.

Super Strong

Its cross laminated structure between face veneer, core veneer and the film again
enhances the strength of ply. PF Synthetic Resin Bonded


Weight of paper used in film is 125gms. NWC Ply is made of 100% hardwood veneers of selected species and pressed under high pressure at controlled temperatures to make the ply super strong.

Higher Phenolic Film

NWC shuttering ply is overlaid by high quality think polymer film on both sides which
virtually fuses into the surface due to high pressure & temperature which in return gives Higher Repetitions.

Prepress Technology

The ply is manufactured by prepress technology to make the ply Warp free.

Uniform Thickness

Our ply has uniform thickness in accordance with BIS specification

Outstanding Screw/Nail holding Capacity

The ply has high nail/screw holding capacity due to high density & hardwood core veneers.


This type of product is ideal for application in cupboards, shelves, shutters, partitions and load bearing horizontal panel application.

Size (In mm)

Thickness (In mm)



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