Marine Plywood


Marine Plywood (IS : 710)

NWC Ply is specially treated plywood that is designed to resist rotting in high moisture environment. This type of plywood is usually used in the construction of docks, boats and other marine vessels. These are bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde BWP (Boiling Water Proof) grade resin under high temperature and pressure. Additionally, the finished plywood is subjected to proper chemical treatment with water soluble fixed type of preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure utmost protection against wood destroying organisms and to make the product Insect, borer, termites and fungi free. This type of specific treatment is also given to check anti warp properties of plywood, which makes them dimensionally stable in both excessive wet and dry conditions throughout their life span.

Marine Plywood Features

Extra Densified

The ply is first pre pressed and then hot pressed under high pressure at controlled temperature to make extra
densified ply.

108 Hrs. BWP Against 72 Hrs

NWC Ply manufactures undiluted extended pf(Phenol
Formaldehyde)resin to make ply 108 hrs. BWP.

Super Strong

100% selected hardwood species of core veneer is
used to make the ply super strong.

Anti-warp Ply

Selected core veneer is pre pressed by cold press to make the ply anti-warp.

Borer Free

NWC Ply is treated with anti-borer chemical to make the ply high load bearing capacity

Weather Resistant

This NWC ply is weather resistant which 100% withstands all conditions even at adverse and rough weather.


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