Calibrated Plywood

uniform thickness all across

Calibrated Plywood By Neelgiri Wood crafts

NWC manufactures Calibrated Ply that has uniform thickness all across which is achieved by calibrating it in modern high end imported machines.
Uniform thickness all around the ply makes it ideal panel product for use by Kitchen Manufacturers who are growing by the day. Advantages of this specific ply is that is has the right tolerance required for the doors to be fitted in the aluminum panels, the surface of the ply becomes smoother and more even that enables uniform spreading of the glue thereby ensuring good bonding and the unevenness of the plywood showing on the decorative material is avoided.

Calibrated Plywood Features

Anti - Warp

Selected core veneer is processed by tenderizing technology by cold press to make the ply anti warp.


NWC products are durable for longer life.

Super Strong

100% selected hardwood species of core veneer is
used to make the ply super strong.

Uniform Thickness and Smooth Finish

NWC is equipped with latest tools and machines to produce and cut the accurate sizes of plywood with smooth finishes to get the uniform thickness required.

Super Smooth

Thick face veneer is used to make the ply super smooth.

Weather Resistant

This NWC ply is weather resistant which 100% withstands all conditions even at adverse and rough weather.


Bonding: Plywood is a combination of fine layers of imported hardwood veneers suitably bonded with a phenolic resin adhesive resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Size (In feet)

Thickness (In mm)

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